What domains Pfizer and 24 others bought last week

Pfizer is among the big companies buying domains last week.

Afternic sold slightly less than $1 million worth of domain names last week. Here are some of the end users who bought domains through the service.

Czech Republic beverage company The Drinks bought TheDrinks.com for $1,500. Its main web site is TheDrinks.cz.

Open Lease Software shortened its web address from OpenLeaseSoftware.com to OpenLease.com for $2,250.

Core Merchant, a merchant services company, bought CoreFeedback.com for $1,100.

SunnyRentals.com bought its singular version, SunnyRental.com, for $2,500.

Farmers Alliance Mutual Insurance Company bought FAMI.net for $3,888. It already owns the .com.

A new business called eventSpider bought EventSpider.com for $1,500. It owns the .com.au version of the name.

Schnake Turnbo Frank PR in Oklahoma bought Schnake.com for $1,300.

Redneck Manufacturing, LLC in Lamar, Missouri paid $2,088 for RedneckOutdoors.com.

Pfizer bought LifelongCare.com for $9,500.

Entertainment company Bigfoot bought FashionPassport.com for $1,800.

Valley Health System in New Jersey bought ValleyMedicalGroup.com for $1,000.

eozone Group Ltd went global with EOzone.com for $3,000. Its web address is EOzone.co.uk.

Simpleware, which converts 3D images into models, bought HumanBodyModel.com and HumanBodyModels.com for $2,500 each.

Florida commercial roofer Advanced Roofing bought AdvanceRoofing.com for $1,600. Yes, it owns the correct version AdvancedRoofing.com.

Mid-America Estate and Insurance Services LLC picked up AnnuitiesAndInsurance.com for $1,288.

United Nations Foundation bought NothingButNets.com for $1,450. It runs its mosquito net program at the .net version of this domain.

Topcon Positioning Systems bought TopCon.net for $3,788 to go along with its TopCon.com domain.

Napa Valley vineyard Robert Biale Vineyards bought Biale.com for $3,850.

Manufacturing company The Federal Group bought TFGusa.com for $1,000.

Roots of Peace, a group that wants to eradicate land mines and replace the land with sustainable agriculture, bought EconomicsOfPeace.com for $3,088.

Kids furniture store Crib and Teen City bought CribCity.com for $1,450.

San Francisco Art Exchange LLC paid $1,388 for AmericanArt.net.

Run Coach, an online “trainer” for runners, bought RaceCoach.com for $1,888.

Inman Shipping Worldwide bought InmanInc.com for $1,395.

Desert Valleys FCU bought DesertValleys.com for $1,995. It has been using the awkward domain MyHomeCU.com.


  1. David Thompson says

    Can someone point me to who does the buying of domains for Phizer ? I have MediRX.com for sale and believe it’d be a great fit for them.

    BTW I’m more then happy to split the sale with another broker if you can make the introduction to a Pharma company!

    – David

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