Final new TLD objection tally: Donuts 55, Amazon 24, Google 22

Three of the largest applicants for new TLDs are facing a mountain of objections.

DonutsDonuts, Amazon, and Google have the dubious honor of having the most objected-to applications for new top level domains.

There were 263 formal objections to new top level domains, and that doesn’t include GAC advice.

Donuts received 55 objections covering 45 unique objections, which means about one out of seven of its 307 applications are facing an objection.

24 of Donuts’ objections are community objections. Groups purporting to represent the gold, band, and ski, among other “communities”, decided to fight the company.

Amazon received 24 objections on 18 unique applications. Half of the 24 objections are community objections, thanks in part of the company’s plans to keep its TLDs closed.

Google, which applied for more domains than Amazon, was hit with 22 objections on 18 unique objections. 9 are community objections and 7 are legal rights objections.

The “our competitors ganged up on us” winner is Fidelity, which applied for only four top level domains but managed to receive 11 objections. Only its .Fidelity application wasn’t objected to. Its .IRA, .MutualFunds, and .Retirement applications received multiple objections from a combination of TIAA-CREF, Charles Schwab, TD Ameritrade, and Prudential.

The spreadsheet below lists each objection and “decodes” subsidiaries to show applicants such as Donuts. It is sorted by applicant.

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