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  • .WTF: .Lotto, .Weather, .Game, .Retirement hit with objections

    1. BY - Apr 04, 2013
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    Seriously, WTF?

    International Chamber of Commerce has posted more community and limited public interest objections on its web site.

    On the surface, these look to be quite misdirected.

    Afilias’ application for .lotto has been hit with a community objection filed by European State Lotteries and Toto Association. That’s a group that represents lotteries and gambling companies in Europe that benefit the state.

    Then there’s Accuweather’s community objection to The Weather Channel’s .weather. They already went public about this, but I’m still scratching my head. Unless the “community” is every living and breathing person in the world, I find this hard to understand.

    Entertainment Software Association is objecting to both Amazon’s and Beijing Gamease Age Digital Technology Co.’s applications for .game on community grounds.

    Fédération Internationale de Basketball (FIBA) has a community objection against dot Basketball Limited.

    There’s also the WTF community objection to .gold.

    On the Limited Public Interest side, Prudential has objected to Fidelity’s applications for .retirement and .mutualfunds.

    Some of these objections are from company’s upset over competitors wanting to operate closed TLDs.

    But seriously, WTF?

    I can’t wait until .WTF gets an objection…I wouldn’t bet against it.


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