Pinterest objects to Amazon’s plans for .Pin domain name

Pinterest sticks a pin in Amazon’s .pin top level domain application.

Pinterest has filed a legal rights objection against over its application to run the .pin top level domain.

As with Amazon’s other top level domain applications, it plans to operate .pin as a closed registry and will not offer second level domain names to consumers and businesses.

While you can understand what Amazon would do with other domain names it has applied for, such as .book or .app, it’s not that clear to me what .pin has to do with its business.

That said, it’s also hard to think of how .pin would, in and of itself, violate any of Pinterest’s legal rights. Pinterest has a pending trademark application for .pin, but it’s fairly limited in scope.

Other legal rights objections published today include .cam, .limited, .axis, .tube, and .bio.

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