Objections filed against .com and .org IDN top level domains

Russian IDNs face legal rights objections.

VeriSign and Public Interest Registry have hit a speedbump in their plans to role out versions of .com and .org for the Russian market.

VeriSign’s .com transliteration .ком and Public Interest Registry’s Russian equivalent for .org, .орг, have been objected to with Legal Rights Objections.

Both objections were filed by two companies, Regtime Ltd. and Legato Ltd.

Regtime is an ICANN-accredited registrar, assuming there’s not more than one company by that name. Information about Legato is more difficult to find, other than this email to an ICANN mailing list.

According to this post on IDNForums, it appears Regtime may have been selling domains under .ком in an alternate root. This other post on IDNForums says they stopped selling these domains at some point.

Because IDNs are the first to go through ICANN’s initial evaluation, it’s possible that the dispute proceedings will delay the launch of these new TLDs. .ком has a prioritization number of 61 and and .орг has a prioritization number of 108.


  1. Rubens Kuhl says

    Too bad it is something out of the “alt root” arena. I would have hoped to be something more substantial.

  2. Steve says

    Russian idn.com’s just went up in value. :) Hopefully they don’t delay the idn.com roll-out too long. Some idn.com holders have been waiting 10+ years for idn.idn to go live so a bit more shouldn’t be a problem.
    20 year plan?? :)

  3. yanni says

    @ Andrew:

    Correct, but this: <> tells me he was bummed :)

    BTW, did you see the mention on idnf? It seems that Legato is a subsidiary of Regtime.

  4. yanni says

    …I would have hoped to be something more substantial ….

    It didn’t come out on the previous post.

    @Acro: .ελ is a no go last I’ve heard. Nothing new on this front.

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