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  • 51 more end user domain sales this week

    1. BY - Mar 21, 2013
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    End users were busy buying domains through Afternic last week.

    Afternic had a banner week for end user domain sales last week. It even sold a three hyphen domain for 2,500!

    My fingers are so tired that I’m just going to jump right into it…

    Trendy Golf Limited is expanding its horizons with at $2,500.

    Cantor Fitzgerald Securities paid $4,088 for

    Wiggins Golf Consulting, LLC bought for $1,000.

    Check iO, a game for programmers, bought for $1,400. It has been using

    Interlink, which provides services to periodicals, bought for $2,095.

    Education technology firm ePALS paid $1,088 for The company also owns the .com.

    Collaborative Consulting, the company that recently bought for $3,750, picked up for $1,150.

    Alaska Dispatch Publishing paid $3,388 for

    Bank BAC Credomatic Network bought for $1,288.

    Paleontologist Paul Sereno with University of Chicago bought for $2,388.

    MMORPG game developer Innogames bought for $2,731.

    American Realty Capital paid $2,195 for

    Security company Prodar bought for $3,688. It owns

    Sales training company Sandler bought for $1,595.

    Political Data Inc, which helps politicians promote themselves, bought for $3,000.

    Recruiter Harry Joiner bought for $2,000. He already owns

    Bluestar Automotive in Acworth, Georgia bought for $2,000.

    The McGraw-Hill Companies paid $4,288 for

    Canadian limousine service Limousine Select bought for $1,900. It owns

    Healthcare technology company ERBE bought for $1,600. I suspect the pricetag on was too high since it’s owned by Marchex.

    Silicon Valley video production company Transvideo bought for $2,400.

    On The Go Moving, LLC in Seattle bought for $1,888.

    Zarco Hotels Inc., which owns the Hollywood Hotel, bought for $3,588.

    Safety and risk management services company Trinity Safety Group bought for $3,040 and for $1,250.

    Groupcast, which sends mass notifications (e.g. in the case of emergency), bought for $2,200.

    A Remax office in Minnesota that owns bought for $3,500.

    Key West Seaplane Adventures picked up for $2,288.

    Central CT Pediatric Dentistry in Middletown, Connecticut bought for $3,500.

    Technology consulting company Fluid Consulting in Plano, Texas paid $3,788 for Its web site is

    Writing instruments company Cross bought for $1,288. That’s the cost of about just 10 of its high end pens.

    Roth Capital Partners bought for $1,500. It’s an investment term used in fundraising.

    Healthcare company Cerner bought for $1,888.

    Provo Dentalcare in Provo, Utah bought for $3,500.

    Lots of medical companies on the list this week…Castle Group Health Inc bought for $2,500. That’s a lot of hyphens!

    Contract management company WebCM bought for $2,588. It owns

    Executive Health & Sports Center in New Hampshire bought for $3,000 and for $1,000. Yes, they own the .com.

    Education Institute in Collingwood, Australia bought for $3,181.

    Burke Centre Conservancy in Virginia uses and just bought the .com version for $1,988.

    Web design company Tower Netcommerce, which uses, bought for $2,000.

    Clever: I’m not sure if it’s the Australian Association of Plastic Surgeons or one of their members that just bought for $6,088.

    Educomp Solutions Ltd bought for $4,088 to match its .com.

    Merchant bankers International Capital & Management Company in the Virgin Islands bought for $9,888. I’m not sure what it’s for.

    Companion Natural Pet Food, which owns, bought for $2,950.

    Geoscience company CGG bought for $7,500.

    Investment company Franklin Street bought for $2,250.

    Sandia Area Federal Credit Union bought for $3,088. It uses the term “Move It!” to tell people to move their money to the credit union.


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