Breaking: Go Daddy to withdraw applications for .Home and .Casa top level domains

Domain registrar abandons plans for its own top level domains.

Go Daddy is abandoning its applications for the .home and .casa top level domains, the company announced today.

Go Daddy CEO Blake Irving announced the news at its Registry Days conference in Phoenix today.

The event is designed to start a dialogue with new top level domain applicants that may wish to sell their domains through Go Daddy — including applicants that have rival bids for the .home and .casa domains.

By abandoning its .home and .casa bids, the only two TLDs the company applied for that it planned to offer to the public, Go Daddy will eliminate two conflicts.

The first is with competing applicants for the two TLDs. These companies want to strike agreements to sell their domains through Go Daddy, but would have also been competing with the company in the application process.

Second, it will eliminate concerns about Go Daddy promoting its own new TLDs ahead of others in domain check results.

Go Daddy still owns a stake in the .me registry, however.

The company will continue to pursue its brand domain name .godaddy, which will not be offered to the public.


  1. James says

    Smart money is finally waking up, good call, Berkens has been a hooray boy for these new tlds not sure why

  2. Ron says

    This is just the first round, there will be many that go bankrupt, or do not even get off the ground. .Home is to personal, does not designate business. They might have sold a few vanity names, not worth spending 7 figures on finding out, when they can barely keep up with their core business.

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