goes on the market

This domain name doesn’t need branding.

For the first time since it was originally registered in 1995, the domain name is up for sale. [Update: it has sold.]

Chuck Pettis registered the domain name in 1995 and used it for his company BrandSolutions. BrandSolutions has advised a who’s who of major brands on their branding strategy over the years.

He’s been reluctant to part with the domain name, which has been closely tied to the business.

“I’ve done surveys with my clients in the past, and all my clients said ‘Don’t sell it. We love that you’re'”, Pettis told Domain Name Wire.

But Pettis has dialed down working on BrandSolutions because he’s the acting vice president of marketing for 3-D printing company MakerBot — a company his son founded.

“So now is a good time to see if I can sell [the domain],” he said.

Trip Briscoe with is brokering the domain. Pettis is looking for offers above $500,000.

The plural version of the domain,, was recently put up for sale by a different seller with a minimum offer price of $1 million.


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    Excellent name which can easily command 7 digits. The singularity of this domain is that is fits pretty much any kind of website/company since it’s as generic as it gets. Paradoxical ly, this strength could also be its limit though.

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