Where in the world in Ron Sheridan? Here’s a “photo” that will show you.

Early Oversee.net employee has a new startup.

PixtRon Sheridan was Oversee.net’s first employee and was a fixture in the domain name industry until he left the company in 2009. Since then he’s joined the web startup world.

He was at Oversee.net’s Webfest a couple weeks ago showing off his latest venture, Pixt.

Pixt is a photo sharing and collaboration platform.

I’m not a big photo sharer, even on social networks, but Sheridan was able to quickly show me the value of Pixt by applying it directly to Webfest.

Here’s what a “Pixt” of Webfest looks like.

It’s basically a photo sharing wall in which anyone can post pictures and collaborate on them. If multiple people at a conference or party use Pixt, they can easily post pictures from the event to the wall.

Walls can be public or private, and they aren’t limited to just photos. You can even post live streaming or video to the wall.

Posting is made easier by the just released Android app and the forthcoming iOS app.

As for the domain name Pixt.com, Sheridan has a great story about how he acquired it. The short version: $10,000. The long version: maybe he’ll share it someday in a video on a Pixt wall.


  1. Francois says

    The site is well done, congrats Ron!

    Do you plan a “view tiled” option to quickly see ovelapped photos?

    Now I would like to read in which PIXT.com differ from Pinterest.com and Pined.com (Barry Garner domainer) and other possible wall pictures… as I guess this new service has been created because some functions are missed in competition.

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