eHow: “How to Become a Domain Broker”

…in six simple steps.

eHow is owned by Demand Media, which owns the world’s second largest domain name registrar, eNom.

These guys know a lot about domain names.

Unfortunately you can’t say the same thing about eHow’s writers.

A Domain Name Wire reader sent me this humorous article “How to Become a Domain Broker”.

The good news is all you need to become a domain broker is a credit card or PayPal account, according to the author.

Once you read through the first few steps you’ll realize the tutorial is actually about how to register domains and sell them. Just not very well.

Particularly perplexing is step #5:

Receive credit for non-producing domain names by transferring ownership to the domain brokerage. You also have the opportunity to redeem your domain name for a certain amount of time after transferring ownership.


(Hat tip: Joe)

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