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  • Religion drives Afternic’s big sales week

    1. BY - Feb 11, 2013
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    Religious domain names fill the collection plate.

    Afternic had a big week-before-last, selling nearly $1.6 million worth of domains. It typically sells around $1.0 million, but was aided by several high dollar sales.

    Two of the big sales were religious — for $45,000 and for $25,000.

    The owner of and bought for $25,000. Although is still in escrow, I’d bet its the same buyer.

    Another big sales was for $75,000. A Mark Monitor client bought it. A possible client is CBS, which has a college sports network called ULive.

    Medical technology company Associated Medical paid $1,292 for

    Law Offices of Steve Whitworth bought for $2,188.

    ComfortCare Hospice LLC in Alabama bought for $1,300.

    App development company SyncTree bought for $1,595, likely for a new app.

    Second Church of Christ in Illinois bought for $1,500.

    IT staffing company UDig bought for $1,888. It already owns

    The Russian company that owns bought for $1,388. It does not own

    Southwestern Firearms, Inc. bought for $1,775.

    Canadian job site JobPort bought for $1,000. It owns the .com and .ca.

    Pharmacy information site RxWiki paid $2,088 for

    Looks like a San Francisco startup bought for $2,188.

    Heritage Law Marketing paid $1,400 for

    The owner of weight loss site smartly upgraded to for only $2,750.

    A New York company called Secure Assets, Inc. paid $1,200 for

    From the I-had-no-idea-this-market-existed department, a company that sells products to stop colic in horses bought for $1,103.

    American College of Rheumatology bought for $2,088. We’ll have to wait to see what they use it for.

    Austin, TX based Professional Contract Services Inc. bought for $2,488. Its web site is

    Sports and leisure company Pulse bought for $1,495.

    Credit risk management company Automated Financial Systems bought for $7,000.

    New York University bought for $1,877.

    Mountain Real Estate Group bought for $3,750.

    GreenEarth Cleaning in Kansas City bought for $1,088 to complement its .com domain.

    Iowa Health System paid $34,500 for

    Swift Education Systems upgraded from to .com for $1,200.

    Andersen Windows and Doors bought for $1,488.

    I really like this upgrade: food company Barbara’s Bakery uses the domain It bought for $17,500.

    Landscape company Lavish Gardens paid $1,250 to upgrade from to .com.

    Carbon nanotube membrane company Porifera, Inc bought for $2,000. It uses

    This one is interesting. California real estate developer Panoramic Interests already owns, but it paid $2,588 for

    Corporation for Public Broadcasting paid $1,588 for

    The owner of upgraded to for $2,688.

    The owner of upgraded to for $1,000.

    Farm Credit Mid-America bought for $8,500 and for $3,988. I’d say the seller of the .net did better than the .com, although both are good sale prices.

    Manufactured home company Clayton Homes bought for $1,097.

    Anderson University in South Carolina picked up for $4,500.

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