Stratfor aims to take down site about hack

Intelligence firm wants to take down site that discusses 2011 hacking incident.

Stratfor logoStratfor Enterprises, LLC, an intelligence firm that was famously hacked in 2011, is trying to get control of a domain commemorating the attack.

The company has filed a complaint with World Intellectual against the owner of shows an image of what looked like after it was hacked and defaced in 2011. The hack, carried out my members of anonymous, resulted in the disclosure of thousands of customer credit card numbers and company emails. In 2012 Wikileaks published many of the emails.

The whois record for shows a registrant in Arizona. It’s not clear what the registrant’s purpose of creating the site is.

[Update: Stratfor won the case.]


  1. Rob says

    “stratfor aims to take down site about hack”.

    we should ALL aim to take down stratfor after what wikileaks revealed about them.

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