Forget “The Kiss”: Super Bowl commercial was the real winner drove more business activity than Bar Rafaeli’s kiss.

Go Daddy ran two commercials during the Super Bowl on Sunday.

The one that’s getting the most media attention is Perfect Match — aka “The Kiss”, in which supermodel Bar Rafaeli kisses ubernerd Jesse Heiman.

But is that commercial the one that resulted in a flood of business at Go Daddy on Sunday and the company having its biggest sales day ever on Monday?

It turns out more credit should be given to the not-as-icky commercial that ran about 40 minutes later in the game.

Richard Merdinger, Vice President of Product Development – Domains at Go Daddy, tells Domain Name Wire that the .co commercial caused a bigger spike in domain availability checks.

He said the message of — everyone has good ideas, many of them are common, people ought to go out and do something about it — was certainly a strong call to action.

Availability checks at Go Daddy were up all Super Bowl Sunday, and they increased after the Perfect Match commercial, but the company saw a more noticeable increase after the .co ad ran.

If you’re wondering what sort of impact the two commercials together had on Go Daddy’s business, here are some numbers.

Go Daddy measures results based on its marketshare for the TLDs it can measure. On Sunday it saw a 345 basis point increase in new registration marketshare overall compared to a typical Sunday. .Co saw about a 1200 basis point increase.

Of course, the long term business impact can’t be measured in a day. The more memorable one? The Perfect Match is still paying dividends.


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    Deutsch did both commercials, but the .CO team had direct input on their ad. It seems that the GoDaddy team really wanted their geeks to be sexier than possible, hence the silly result.

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