sold for $2 million, and for $500k total

L’Oreal paid $2 million for domain in 2010.

I was digging through some SEC filings today when I came across some prices on domain name sales.

The sales all involve what is now known as General Cannabis, Inc. (Correction: it changed its name again to SearchCore.) The three big domains were at one time part of the fiasco.

First, I reported in 2010 that had sold for seven figures to L’Oreal. A March 2011 filing verifies that the domain name sold for $2 million. The sale included and some other associated domain names, but you can bet the primary item was (L’Oreal has since applied for the .makeup top level domain.)

Second, an exhibit to a document filed yesterday shows the details of the purchase of and It appears a sales agreement for the two domains was amended in October. The original deal was for $500,000 in a seller financed transaction. The new deal is still $500,000, with most of it due over 18 months starting this June.

The seller of the domains is David Jeffs of fame and his company Domain Holdings, Inc (not to be confused with the Domain Holdings in Florida).

Finally, here are some other domain sales disclosed in the SEC filings include: and for $50,000 for $130,000 for $140,000 in a deal sign January 25. The company paid $50,000 up front and the balance will be paid over 12 months.


  1. S.W. says

    Excellent work Andrew! Had been wondering what happened to after following it during the LIVC days. While the site launch which didn’t seem to gain traction with users, at least they got a good price in the package with

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