DomainTools offers new Domain Reports for $49

DomainTools releases new product with comprehensive data for a single domain.

DomainTools has released a new one-off product called Domain Report.

A Domain Report is a comprehensive, professional-looking PDF document that includes an entire profile of an individual domain name:

-Every Historic Whois record DomainTools has
-Our complete website screenshot history
-Owner (registrant) name and email address
-Current Whois record
-Registration dates and status codes
-Network name and IP location
-Reverse IP & Name Server connected domains

Each Domain Report costs $49.

Some of this data is available for free to anyone, and the rest (other than the reverse nameserver) is already included in premium memberships. However, I think the way the information is quickly collated into a professional document will make the reports valuable even to paid DomainTools members.

Of course, those that don’t have a paid account and need one off reports (a lawyer, someone brokering a domain, etc) will find these reports particularly valuable.


  1. Bill Kara says

    This will be a standard document for high value purchases in the future. It should almost be a check box type option integrated with

    Fantastic product/service. Great job DT.

  2. Josh says

    Good option for the one time buyer maybe but not a domainer. Makes no sense, get a membership. And how would a one time buyer even know what good this was…odd product in my opinion, fills no real gap.

  3. says

    @Josh agreed, the professional domainer is not the target market for this product. Our attorney/brand clients have specifically asked for non-membership-based solutions, and as @Bill has pointed out above, we expect there to be use cases in higher end domain sales transactions. This is a first generation product and we expect to improve it significantly over time, hopefully to the point where the domainer community also sees real vale. In the meantime, I hope our membership options suit the needs of this market. Thx for your feedback!

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