Super Bowl tie-in

Site shows you what your life might be like if you register your “big idea”.

This weekend is a big one for .co as it runs its Super Bowl ad in conjunction with Go Daddy for the third year in a row.

Dubbed, it features a number of guys who don’t jump on the opportunity to register their domains and then one guy who does — and he’s flying on a private jet.

.Co has a tie-in web site it’s promoting along with the ad at

On, users can search for an available .co domain name. If it’s available, the name is shown emblazoned on the site of expensive stuff such as jets, yacht, and champagne. Here’s an example:

I think this is a smart promotion, although I’m not sure the commercial itself does much to promote this particular URL.

Incidentally, it looks like domainer Merlin Kauffman either sold or leased to .co for the commercial. It forwards to

It also seems that the commercial has been moved up from the 2 minute warning to the first half, which will be good for .co.


  1. Steve M says

    If it was honest advertising, “your” .co would be emblazoned in a flushing toilet bowl.

    Which is exactly what will happen to any business foolish enough to try to rely on a .co.

    While the .com owner of your domain will be kissing the ground you walk on … and smiling all the way to the bank.

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