3 domain companies team up to give away 4,000 domains at Webfest

Giveaway includes ten domain names per person.

Above.com, Rook Media and ParkingCrew are teaming up for a unique promotion during next week’s Webfest: they’re giving away 4,000 domain names.

The promotion lets up to 400 people get an account with 10 domain names. The domains are randomly selected from expired domains that receive traffic and have been parked with Rook Media and/or ParkingCrew.

I think this is a smart promotion. It allows these companies to get a customer using their services for just the cost of the 10 domains. Although that may seem like a lot, getting a guaranteed client for this isn’t much at all.

You can read more about the promotion on the Above.com blog.


  1. Russ says

    Great idea.

    I think the local Goodwill is sick of the black domain company t-shirts and stress balls my wife keeps donating.

    Rook gave everyone $10 cash at Traffic in the fall.

    Can we assume all 4000 domains are net-earners?

  2. says

    Thanks for the feedback on the promotion concept. All of these domains have traffic, and many have earnings. We believe that this promotion is the best way to showcase our services. We hope that the market agrees!

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