New TLD applicant that misspelled string finally fixes it

Kerry Trading Co. finally fixes a typo in its top level domain application.

ICANN has posted 369 updated new top level domain applications, but most of the updates so far have been changes to directors, addresses, etc.

But one of the recent changes is bigger.

Kerry Trading Co. Limited has finally fixed a huge typo in one of its top level domain applications.

The company meant to apply for .KerryLogistics, but accidentally typed kerrylogisitics. into the string field on its application.

The company finally rectified this in an update posted January 12.

Kerry Trading Co. isn’t the only company to change the string it originally had on its application. Other examples include Verisign updating its Hebrew string and DotConnect Africa changing from .dotafrica to .africa.


  1. Gman says

    forgive me for being dense
    firstly what a hideous ‘string’
    but did they mess up by not putting the ‘.’
    how can you have capitals after the dot

    what was the glaring error, apart from applying for one of these turkeys in the first place, lol

  2. Gman says

    ah, you made a typo on the typo Andrew
    you spelled their error correctly
    saw on someone else’s blog
    they added an extra ‘i’

    just wow, all round

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