Go Daddy finally offers a CDN, but it’s limited right now

Website Accelerator makes putting your Go Daddy-hosted site on a CDN simple.

People who host their web sites with Go Daddy will finally get access to an integrated content delivery network (CDN) to speed up their sites.

Go Daddy this week announced its new CDN offering called Website Accelerator.

True to Go Daddy fashion, the company built its own CDN rather than relying on an outside partner.

At first, only U.S. Deluxe or Ultimate Linux Web hosting accounts that don’t have SSL or a static IP address will qualify. The domain name for the account must also be registered at GoDaddy.com.

While CloudFlare has brought free CDN to the masses, using the third party service with a Go Daddy site is more work than the typical shared hosting customer can handle. It sounds like Website Accelerator can be activated with the click of a button from within your hosting account. That could make Go Daddy’s Website Accelerator the fastest growing CDN out there.


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