Go Daddy revamps Executive Accounts, splits into 2 tiers

Registrar renames Executive Accounts as Premier Services and makes program more exclusive.

GoDaddy.comGo Daddy’s Executive Accounts program is getting a makeover.

The department will be renamed Premier Services while setting new minimum guidelines and managing customers on a tiered system.

Previously, customers with about 300 domain names were part of the Executive Accounts program. These customers were assigned a dedicated account manager and given other benefits, such as added account security tools.

Premier Services sets a higher bar for inclusion and splits customers into Gold and Platinum status.

To qualify you must have at least 250 domain names registered at Go Daddy (not including .info domains). You also must spend at least $2,000 at Go Daddy on a rolling six month basis.

If you do the math, merely keeping 250 domains with Go Daddy won’t be enough to be part of the program on an ongoing basis. Additional purchases (such as auctions) or more domain registrations will be required to hit the $2,000 spend requirement per six months.

Meeting the 250 domains/$2,000 number makes you a Gold customer. You’ll be assigned an account executive, but that person will work with a team of about 17 people to manage your account. While you can always reach the account manager, you’ll have expanded service hours in which you can reach anyone on the team.

If you spend $18,000 or more a year then you’ll qualify for Platinum. Platinum teams are smaller and handle fewer accounts, giving more personalized attention.

Tyler Wirtjes, VP of Customer Care Operations for Go Daddy, told Domain Name Wire that the goal is to provide better service to key customers such as domainers and developers.

The old executive accounts team managed about 12,000 customers. The number that qualify for Premier Services will be lower and should result in more individualized attention.

For now, pricing for customers will remain what it was under the Executive Accounts program.

Notifications about the change are being sent to customers starting this afternoon.


  1. says

    Godaddy basic service is so good, I try to avoid their former executive account department, even as I’m kicking an screaming “please don’t transfer me to those people”, they insist. I get nothing from the executive account but re-harsh of known policy; they will never go out of their way to help more than the first regular account that picked up the phone. I am usually against anything “elitist”, so here’s a big cheers to the regular Godaddy account reps, you guys ROCK!!!

  2. DR.DOMAIN says

    Those “platinum” account managers should be charged with brokering / making market for at least a coupla’ your domains at any given time.
    Cold calling or using whatever intel available to call an end users’ attention to your domain(s). Chip ’em off 5% for anything in the $x,xxx range…and 10% for anything in the $xx,xxx range.

  3. Jo says

    How can we tell where our account stands on that rolling 6 months thing? Is there something in “My Account” that I am missing? I’d like to know if I qualify.

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