Ally Financial sues cybersquatter who pointed domains to

Bank files anti-cybersquatting lawsuit after domain owner refused to hand over domain names.

AllyAlly Financial (GMAC) has filed a lawsuit against a Scottsdale man who allegedly registered domains including the Ally brand and forwarded the to its rival

According to the suit (pdf), Donald Jones registered a handful of domain names including,, and Ally alleges that he then forwarded these domain names to, a web site he owns.

When Ally contacted Jones, the bank says he tried to strike a deal in which he’d give up the domain names only if Ally partnered with him on a new banking/loan venture. When Ally rejected the proposal, he started forwarding the domain names to rival bank

As is typical in a cybersquatting case, Ally is asking for statutory damages of up to $100,000 per domain name.


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    How is this any different than so called webhosting “review” sites that buy typo domains of the hosts they review, and then make nice commissions on signups through their affiliate links?

    It’s actually worse than the case above, as it’s stealing from the brand OR the competition – either way the brands lose.

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    Curious if ACPA really applies and how do the amounts in ACPA are determined from $1,000 to $100,000.

    Why not $1,000,000 or $1billion? I mean.. is it because $100,000 is easier to come up with?

    Stupid ACPA abuse.

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    The reason they don’t want to C&D the infringing domains is so that they can use this as a case study, or make an EXAMPLE out of this person for the benefit of protecting their trademark.

    Ofcourse, C&D can work and can not work, but ACPA really hurts the registrant.

    I guess they want to TAKE THE REGISTRANT to the CLEANERS and CLEAN his underwear good.


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