Guy files UDRP against his brother

Something tells me these guys didn’t get together for Christmas this year.

You know familial relations have hit a new low when you filed a UDRP against your brother.

That’s what happened in a recent case filed with National Arbitration Forum.

Reed Bousada owns an interior design company. According to his complaint for the domain name, it looks like his brother Jay registered and let him use it for his business for a while. Something happened later — it looks like there may have been a financial dispute over web work Jay was doing for Reed — and Jay started using the domain for his own personal use.

That’s when Reed filed the UDRP over the domain.

The National Arbitration Forum panel said the dispute was outside the scope of UDRP and denied the claim.

So next time you think you’ve got a tough relationship with a brother or sister, ask yourself if it’s gotten as ugly as the Bousada brothers.


  1. Mike says

    Wonder whether someone could “play” the system and build up some “case law” (well UDRP law then) that would be geared to assisting domainers ?. You know,could set the complaint and response in such way as to know what outcome would be at same time then have a Decision useful for domainers in general . Maybe someone should try ?

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