Domain registrar powers Kim Dotcom’s new Mega

Instra has partnered with Kim Dotcom to power the new Mega.

Last February I stumbled into the lobby of the Fairmont Santa Monica after a DomainFest party. It was about 3 in the morning and it had been a long night.

I ran into Tony Lentino, founder of domain name registrar Instra. We chatted for a few minutes and the conversation turned to Kim Dotcom and Megaupload, the file sharing service that was shut down by U.S. and New Zealand authorities a few months later.

Lentino is a personal friend of Megaupload founder Kim Dotcom. And he definitely has an opinion on the raid of Dotcom’s family home last year. He was miffed.

Flash forward one year.

This weekend Kim DotCom will introduce the successor to MegaUpload.

The new service is simply called “Mega”. It’s still a file sharing service but with a twist: tou can only view files if you have a key provided by the uploader.

If you visit Kim Dotcom’s web site — which is quite literally — you may notice a familiar logo: Instra Corporation.

Kim Dotcom Mega Instra

Lentino and Kim Dotcom have partnered to launch the new version of Mega. Instra Corporation, based in New Zealand and Australia, will provide technical and product support to Mega users.

It is also signing up resellers that will provide premium accounts to the service. These resellers will sell packages to people who need more than 50 GB of storage space. In addition to Instra, other resellers at launch include EuroDNS and DigiWeb.


  1. says

    Lot of FBI MPAA agents will be watching this and there will be few undercover reseller so I advise to stay away and not buy premium accounts in case of if you upload copyright material, you will be busted!

    Kim don’t try again in this niche if u want peace of mind

  2. Josh says

    I always marvel at how intelligent people can justify future pain, financial, mental or physical for a quick buck today.

    The almighty dollar, means more each day.

  3. BHawthorne says

    The problem with the argument here is both sides of the fence are driven by people who want to make a quick buck. To side with either makes you a hypocrite. Those that believe the US government’s involved in this isn’t tainted by big money special interest is diluted. What I find more ethically bankrupt of the two stances is the US government can be bought off via political contributions. Neither side has the public’s interest at heart, but one side claims the moral high ground that is an outright lie. This is a case of the pot calling the kettle black.

  4. Josh says

    I don’t disagree with you but for one thing. Two wrongs don;t make a right, we as individuals mae decisions for ourselves what path we will take. I cannot excuse my actions because so and so does it or big business does it. Like I said, don;t agree with big business either but we are accountable for our own actions.

  5. Josh says

    Apparently my spelling and use of a keyboard is lackinng this morning, sorry guys, no edit feature.

    Again, I agree with you BH, taking either side would be hypocritical. It would be the third side I take đŸ˜‰

  6. TJ says

    Yes Tony is involved and a friend – but you’re not getting the real angle. AA – please dive further into this and you will see the following.

    A tainted ex-con, Tony, Xavier, LUX datacenter and Lux tax laws.

    Kimble needs front men for his next venture – which was conceived long ago. Perhaps this legal “show” was his twisted marketing campaign for the ultimate “in your face to MPAA and Lawenforcement. MegaVideo/Upload was file sharring crack to gain a customer base. Once you get really big no one prosecutes you fully – you have too many customers. Think, piratebay,youtube… They did evil and got a light slap.

    His new scheme of encrypted file share makes perfect sense and will be a legal nightmare to litigate against him. It’s opensource iTunes. Power to the people.

    Xavier and Freddy and their pals in LUX got themselves nice tax code treatment. Since when does a govt write specific tax code for domainers? Nowhere but LUX. So Kimble and partners will pay a few percent on Mega revenues and stay legal as long as Kimble officially stays away from management. (but OK to be an investor or IP holder) He’s nuts but not stupid.

    So who do you get to run your next money maker when many governments are watching your every step? a close friend and his pals with a Datacenter, a tax haven, and a legal shelter.

    Like I said – nuts but smart.

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