6 interesting domain news stories from the weekend

Breach notices, expiring domains, Groupons, and more.

I’ll admit it. I don’t like to blog over the weekend. Thankfully, others are here to keep on top of things.

Here are six interesting stories from the weekend that you should check out.

ICANN Compliance Sends Breach Notices To 10 Registrars – ICANN sends nastygrams to ten registrars that are ignoring ICANN’s audit program.

Real Estate Agents Discuss Why They Own RealEstate.com Domain Names – an interesting article about real estate agents who bought exact match domain names for their businesses.

Is .home back on ICANN’s new gTLD risk list? – if first appeared that all new top level domains had passed the DNS Stability check. But now 11 haven’t. Are they the .home applications?

Publication.com deletion stopped by court order – ever see a domain in pending delete get saved? It may be due to a court order.

Twitter files dispute over Twitter.org, domain being used for scam surveys – Twitter has filed another UDRP, this time for Twitter.org. (And no, you didn’t just win an iPhone 5.)

Groupon Now Sending Out Refunds For Reversed Godaddy Groupons – didn’t follow the instructions? You’ll still get your money back. (Maybe.)

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