Have you done a domain parking audit lately?

Make sure your domains are pointing to places where they create value for you.

I consider myself a fairly organized person.

But when it comes to making sure my domains are parked correctly, apparently I’m a little lax.

I just audited a few hundred of my domain names to check their nameservers. I was surprised at what I found:

1. Some of my domains were pointing to Go Daddy “coming soon” pages.

2. Others pointed to web site generator systems that long ago stopped generating any sort of traffic

3. A couple still pointed to Google’s “hosted” Adsense for Domains program, which was shut down last April

I primarily park my domains to generate sales leads, so perhaps I just haven’t made auditing my portfolio a priority. But these domains were neither generating revenue (for me at least) or sales leads.

If you have your domains at multiple domain registrars, I recommend trying Softnik’s Watch My Domains Pro to keep an eye on parking information (i.e. nameservers), expiration dates, etc.


  1. Rob says

    did some of those nameservers get “mysteriously changed on their own”? people should somehow keep detailed and accurate records, and of course check frequently.

    the reason why i ask is that i have seen first hand evidence (my own domains) that whois data can be “corrupted” somehow. in my case the email addresses associated with my domains had mysteriously disappeared and it showed that no email was on file (during the yearly icann review). and strangely it only occurred on a set of similar domains i own, but not on all my domains.

    keep your eyes open… funny things do happen.

  2. says

    ABSOLUTELY recommend the Watch My Domains Pro.

    I use the upgraded version of Domain Punch Professional many times every single day for many reasons.

    I track drops, other people’s domains, other watch lists and domains in my portfolio.

    The software is easy to use once you set it up. Of course it is over engineered meaning the engineers throw everything in the user interface making it way more complicated than it has to be. Also, they never tell you when the software has been updated… which is rare and with little upgrades.

    However, it is great to do whois checks on thousands of domains for a variety of reasons.

  3. martin says

    I keep my revenue domains pointed at above.com and keyword domains i will consider selling at internettraffic as they are good for generating sales leads and quite good for parking. Above.com allows me to automatically find out which parking company gives the best roi. It would help me if internetraffic were compatible with above.com so I could monetize with them if they are the best parking provider for that domain.

  4. says

    I’m glad I’m not the only one dropping the ball on parked domains 😛

    It’s an easy thing to lose track of when it’s not your number one source of income. You never want to be missing out on domain parking opportunities. It is definitely something that should be checked on from time to time as you could lose domain name (purchasing) inquiries if not properly managed.

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