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  • Introducing the 2013 Domain Name Wire Survey

    1. BY - Jan 07, 2013
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    The Domain Name Wire Survey returns for its 8th year.

    It’s that time of year again.

    Time for the annual Domain Name Wire Survey.

    This is the eighth year Domain Name Wire has run this survey, which gives a good databank of data to compare trends in domaining over the years.

    The survey answers questions such as:

    1. Why do people choose a particular domain name registrar?
    2. What’s the best domain parking company?
    3. How much are people making from domain parking?
    4. Where should I sell my domain names?
    5. Which domain conference is best?

    This year I’ve added new questions related to domain brokers, new top level domains, and people in the domain industry.

    I’ve also removed a lot of the multiple choice options when it comes to which companies are “best”. This gives you the chance to select any provider, not just from a handful of the biggest ones.

    The survey takes just 5-10 minutes to complete. Start now.

  • I just finished submitting the DNW survey :)

  • Just completed the survey, look forward to the results. Great idea and thanks a lot!

  • Any plans for trying to prevent companies from skewing the results by promoting to their own customers? That resulted in some weird results in years past (and getting worse), and IMHO mars an otherwise super interesting and useful survey.

    Maybe normalizing based on a question such as “Where did you hear about the survey?” or even the referral string. Or prepare a subset of results based upon “informed participants” defined as something like
    – has tried at least xx% of offerings
    – spent x amount of time completing survey
    – owns > xxxx domains
    Or use the approach polls do, and adjust your sample to be representative of the entire population

    None of those approaches are perfect, but all would be an interesting attempt at evading “lies, damn lies, and statistics.” :)

  • @ Andrew
    Just to update you the survey link is forwarding to your homepage. Could you fix it for others.

  • Thanks for the clarification :)

  • @ Andrew, You realize your surveys are the most respected in the industry don’t you? I think the fact that some industry players would skew the results of your surveys is very telling.

    Kudos to you for putting this together every year and asking questions that are important to our industry.

    Thank you ;)

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