Sedo holiday end user sales report

A slow couple weeks but some good end user domain purchases.

Domain sales typically slow during the holidays, and that’s evident in Sedo’s year end sales report. The company turned in $1.38 million in sales over two weeks. It typically sells that much in one week.

I’m still waiting on Afternic’s year end sales. For now here are the end user sales I found on Sedo’s report, including a sale to Warner Music.

Everest Reinsurance Company bought for $1,250.

UK company Mobile Standard Ltd bought for 1,150 GBP.

Online faxing company J2 Global bought for 1,125 EUR.

Neighborhood social networking site NextDoor continues to buy domains, this time picking up for $1,000.

LED World, which owns, bought for 700 EUR.

Warner Music bought for $2,295.

The travel agency behind bought for $700.

RockPack Ltd, which is launching “a new way to discover videos”, bought for $3,790.

National Business Officers Association paid $750 for protected itself by purchasing (singular) for $725. That’s a great deal.

Software site paid $2,100 for

Medical transportation company Suburban Transport, which owns, bought for $2,000.


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