Go Daddy Auctions sold 32,767 domains in December, led by $50k Marchex deal

Travel domain sells for $50,000 to lead Go Daddy sales last month.

Go Daddy Auctions is reporting 32,767 domain names sold in December.

The top sale was VisitSanFrancisco.com, a domain sold by Marchex. The $50,000 purchase was made by San Francisco Travel Association, which owns SanFrancisco.travel.

Other top sales include:

league.com $40,005
zodia.com $35,421
silvergate.com $22,000 – purchased by Silvergate Bank in Southern California. The bank’s site is SilvergateBank.com.
beats.us $18,000 – bought by law firm, likely for a client
grab.net $17,000
cancer.info $16,005 – bought by Arizona home care agency Sunrise Health, which has been active in the domain aftermarket.
cdf.com $14,005 – owner of cdf.cl bought the domain
buildingcrowd.com $13,500 – building planning business bought the domain
loans.info $12,205

Cancer.info and Loans.info were part of the Afilias .info auction. The domains were claimed as part of the .info sunrise over a decade ago, but the trademark claims were later ruled invalid.

As always, “Online” was by far the most popular term included in sold domains.


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