What domains BASF and 13 other end users bought this week

BASF among the big companies buying domain names last week.

This week’s end user sales report is shorter than usual. That doesn’t mean fewer domains were purchased by end users.

It’s likely a combination of two factors.

First, more domains are still in the escrow process this week than usual. If they’re in escrow I have no way of figuring out who owns the domains.

Second, there were companies with names in which I couldn’t easily figure out if they were end users.


Event management company Emergency Production bought EmergencyProductions.com for $2,029. I already owns the singular version, which it forwards to EP-AV.com.

Better Homes and Gardens Real Estate picked up BetterAgents.com for $3,488.

The owner of NeedleConcept.com bought MagicNeedle.com for $1,000.

Product Architects, maker of the Polar Bottle water bottles, paid $1,265 for ProductArchitects.com.

The owner of NPOComposit.com bought Composit.net for $2,488.

Austin based Cantera Doors, Inc bought ContemporaryDoors.com for $2,500.

Security company Urban Protective Services paid $1,750 for UrbanUniversity.com.

The vaccines division of Sanofi, Sanofi Pasteur, bought StopInfluenza.com for $3,588.

Vanguard Trademark Holdings USA LLC, which owns the Alamo Rent-a-Car brand, bought VirtualChoice.com for $1,700. It forwards to one of its other chains, NationalCar.com.

Equities broker GFI Group, LLC paid $1,388 for GFIdirect.com. Its web site is GFIGroup.com.


Moorhouse Drilling & Completions in the UK bought its acronym, MDC.co.uk, for 1,200 GBP.

nScottish housing association Key Housing Association bought Key.org.uk for 1,000 GBP.

Chemical giant BASF bought Biodegradable-Polymers.com for $2,500.

The software company that owns NotYours.dk went global with NotYours.com for 1,250 EUR.

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