“Internet Villain” Stephen Conroy wants role on ICANN ATRT

Australian politician behind censorship plan wants to be part of ICANN review team.

A politician who, together with his government, was named “Internet Villain of the Year” in 2009 by an ISP trade group, wants a role on ICANN’s Accountability & Transparency Review Team (ATRT).

Stephen Conroy, Minister for Broadband in Australia, submitted his nomination to ICANN on December 14.

Conroy is perhaps best known in internet circles for wanting to set up a firewall of sorts in Australia. Critics said his plan, originally pitched as a way to block child porn, was designed to censor a number of different types of sites.

In his nomination, Conroy states:

ICANN’s mission, and the management of the critical internet resources that underpin the efficient operation of the internet, is of paramount importance. It is important that the ICANN community take stock of its achievements to date, and build on those successes. An important part of this is the need to scrutinize ICANN’s transparency and accountability, and to develop proposals for improvements where appropriate. The Australian Government considers this to be an important part of the overall goal of improving and strengthening the multi-stakeholder model going forward.

It is for this reason that the Australian Government is seeking to directly participate on the second ATRT…

Australia submitted 129 early warning on new top level domains, more than any other country.


  1. Rob says

    australia is being run by criminals. they have infiltrated into every area of government, unions, police, judiciary, law, and business. while i am disgusted to hear that conroy wants a role at icann, i am not at all surprised. i believe this is how these people operate – take control of everything, shut down all reporting of their activities, take away our rights to free speech and access to information and keep us all oblivious to what’s really going on.

    and i’m sorry to say this considering most readers of this site are from the US, by if conroy gets a spot at icann it would prove to me beyond a doubt that the orders are coming straight from the criminals in the US government and big business.

  2. Rob says

    @long: i wasn’t going to bother responding. had a change of mind!

    anyone who says anything like what i said is always labelled a nut job conspiracy theorist. after what wikileaks has exposed about the US govt, are all those people still considered nut jobs? no, not any more because the evidence came out. it also proves that some people are totally in the dark and in denial about what REALLY goes on.

    and regarding the article above, please visit http://www.KangarooCourtOfAustralia.com to learn about the people who are in control of australia. (@andrew, i ask you not to remove that link since it is relevant to both the article ie: “villians” from australia (there is also an article about proposed laws to legally shut down legitimate news) as well as the comments.)

    @long: open your eyes and ears… and perhaps keep your mouth closed… there is a lot more going on than you realize.

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