32 end user domain sales from $1,000 to $80,000

End users from Telebrands to LegalZoom buy domain names.

Let’s kick of this week’s end user sales report by referring to my post yesterday about Endgame.com. A security company paid $80,000 for the domain at Sedo.

Now, on to the other sales…


It looks like a company has yet to be launched at EliteElectricAustin.com, but the owner made a smart move by picking up EliteElectric.com for $1,600.

A religious organization called International Teams bought InternationalTeams.com for $1,000. It owns a number of variations, including the equivalent .org as well as iTeams.org and iTeams.us.

Capella Education Company bought the name of its CEO, KevinGilligan.com, for $2,595.

Investment firm The Capital Group Companies invested $3,250 in CapitalSystem.com.

Legal marketing company eJustice paid $1.095 for DoINeedALawyer.com.

As-seen-on-TV products company Telebrands.com sold HeirToTheThrone.com for $1,617.

eLearning provider Clearly Trained bought eLearningStore.com for $1,477.

LegalZoom paid $2,588 for FlatFeeLegal.com.

Blaze Clearing Services dropped the hyphen from its domain by picking up BlazeServices.com for $1,395.

The owner of MagicBrush-Online.com dropped the hyphen with MagicBrush.com for $1,000.

Preferred Electric, an electric contractor, upgraded from PreferredElectric.us to PreferredElectric.com for $1,000.

United Network Services, Inc. bought UNSI.org for $1,688. It uses UNSI.net as its primary web address.

Car dealer DeHaven Chevrolet bought KelleyGMC.com for $1,277.

Healthcare company BestDoctors bought BestDoctors.org for $2,988. It already uses the equivalent .com.

Travel and study abroad company Where & What paid $2,000 for StayAbroad.com.

Mobile development company Thermopylae Sciences + Technology bought MobilePress.net for $1,000 and MobilePress.com for $15,000.

The Rural Sociological Society bought RuralSociology.com for $1,000.

HOLTS Co. in Japan bought Holts.net for $2,588.

MSI Benefits Group, Inc. paid $1,777 for MSIHealth.com.

Comedy shorts maker Meeting House Productions, Inc. bought Chuckler.com for $8,000. Last month it filed a U.S. trademark application on the term for goods and services of “Entertainment services in the nature of production and recording services in the field of comedy.”

Women’s fitness franchisor Curves International, Inc. paid $2,295 for CurvesQuebec.com.


UK based Southerns Office Interiors paid 1,295 GBP for Southerns.co.uk

Another UK company called InPost UK Limited bought Inpost.co.uk for 1,250 GBP.

The same person who bought Book-Publishing.com for $1,000 last week bought How-to-Write.com for $1,000.

Everlast Blacktop Inc. paved the way to iDriveway.com for $1,500.

Internet marketer Ryan Deiss bought DailyHawk.com for $1,990.

The owner of enzyme.co.za paid 1,270 EUR for enzyme.biz.

The owner of newfork.ru upgraded to Newfork.com for $1,000.

The watch manufacturer UHR bought UHR.biz for 990 EUR.

Vision insurance company Vision Service Plan paid $1,200 for Viztec.com, perhaps for a new product.

Questionmark Computing Ltd, owner of QuestionMark.co.uk, bought Questionmark.in for $3,500.


  1. Ron says

    To damn cheap, you are not leaving enough room to pay for your renewals, and your time, and effort, bargain pricing to end users.

    I have been selling similar names in the $4-7K range.

  2. Jason says

    Our firm added the following in .com’s:

    OKHealth – 3500
    NWIC.com – 1800
    ForexStart – 1000
    AstroPay – 4400 (finalizing now)

    Also an undisclosed city name followed by verb domain for 5000. Buyer wanted to remain anonymous.

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