Walmart owns key domains for Black Friday union showdown

Company acted last year to corral domains from group organizing protests this Friday.

Walmart has asked the National Labor Relations Board to help shut down potential worker protests at its stores on Black Friday.

The protests are being organized by a group called Our Walmart. Our Walmart has been part of the United Food and Commercial Workers International Union in the past, although the group told the Wall Street Journal that it’s no longer a subsidiary.

Until last year the group owned the domain names and That’s when Walmart filed a complaint with World Intellectual Property Organization to get Our Walmart didn’t respond to the complaint and lost the UDRP case. Walmart now owns both domains.

Oddly, United Food & Commercial Workers International Union successfully defended a similar challenge against the domain name

If you go to now, you’ll get this message: is no longer in service.

The union-backed organization which sponsored this domain is not affiliated with Walmart or Sam’s Club and does not represent the company nor its associates.

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  1. James Martin says

    Way to play hardball, WalMart! You gotta show ’em who is boss! Innit wonerful, what the power of lots of money can do? You can own the whole world! Yay!

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