At Formula 1 race, a brilliant use of a domain name

Advertisement with nothing more than a domain name — but that’s all that was necessary.

Formula 1 racing returned to United States’ soil yesterday with a race at the new Circuit of the Americas in Austin.

Living in Austin, I’ve heard quite a bit about the race, the investors, and the building of the track over the past couple years. It’s been a fascinating project to watch through all of its ups and downs.

When the location of the to-be-built racetrack was identified, real estate investors rushed in to buy land around the racetrack.

One of those investors made a savvy move with the domain name

As I was flipping through coverage of the event in the local paper this weekend, I saw a picture with a huge banner in it that read “”. I studied the picture and realized the banner was on an observation tower outside the actual Circuit of the Americas grounds, behind a perimeter fence.

I went to the web site to check it out, and it’s rather clever.

The pitch is for 27 acres of land that abuts the Circuit of the Americas. The land does indeed have a close-in view of the racetrack and all of the action.

I didn’t watch yesterday’s race on TV. But I suspect this banner got a bit of free airtime — much like it got exposure in the newspaper.

It’s also an example of when a domain name is its own call to action.


  1. David Boggs says

    This is someone thats thinking out of the box. he’s using the event to advertize the land and he will get offers for sure

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