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  • In addition to slow payments and higher commission fees, I’m unable to see traffic statisticts with a Premium listing. At least with the lower tier listings you can get an idea of what kind of interest the name might have and adjust your price accordingly.

  • Wow .. are we in April already? Is this April Fools’ Day?

    This is defiantly, the greatest news I heard this whole year (I know, the year is almost over).

    I noticed that currently will be a little hard and almost impossible to edit all your listings but I guess I’ll find a way.

    Thanks for bringing this great news to us.

  • @Sameh I’m glad you like the change. You can do a “select all” in domain manager and then click the “edit” button to modify them all at once.


  • @Paul There is no “select all” in the Domain Manager and also even if I select “Select Current Page” and clicked “Edit” it requires to enter a price and since all my domains are not priced the same it will not be a good solution.

    PS: You are talking about “Premium Listings” from “Buy & Sell” menu in Domain Manager. right?

  • I tried that select all with existing listings, it errored out, as a conflict with all domains listed. Needs a programmers tweak.

    Also Paul instead of selecting a select all on one page, can you change it to select all domains, some of us have hundreds listed.

  • @ Paul – why do we need to select a payment account for each domain instead of having it default to our payment account at the account level?

  • Andrew, many of our customers have multiple payment accounts and we don’t want to guess at which one to use.

  • @Paul – You didn’t answer my question. How will I be able to update the payment method for 1,500+ domains in bulk? There is no way to do that in the current system.

  • @Sameh, we’re looking into how best to accommodate your situation.

  • @Paul – Great .. looking forward to your update.

  • It’s wonderful that they are allowing payment methods other than checks, but absurd that there is no mass update option. I too have thousands of Premium domains listed – all with different prices. If I don’t manually update, they will hit me with a $25 fee? Makes no sense.

  • Best work around I can find for those of us with a lot of domains, is to search by price bucket – and update them in batches by price. Still annoying, but at least you can do small batches, rather than one by one.

  • Hold up on your bulk updates folks, we’ll get it working right.


  • Hi all, we updated the domain manager last night to allow bulk updates (hover over the checkbox and select all) that WILL NOT affect the price unless you specifically put a new price in there.

    So, select all -> edit -> add a payee, check the auto-renew box, check the agreements -> submit.

  • I just made the changes as Paul described and it took about 3 minutes. Really simple.

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