Go Daddy makes speedier payments for Premium Listings, adds new payment options

Premium Listings will now be paid faster and by more than just checks.

Go Daddy’s Premium Listing service, which lets you offer domains for sale in the registration path — is a big part of many domainers’ business models.

The big drawback has been slow payments, which can take up to 45 days to arrive.

Go Daddy is finally speeding up payments and offering more payment options.

You can now get your payments by ACH, PayPal, your Good as Gold account, or old fashioned check.

Even better, payments will be processed after just a five day waiting period.

There’s one catch if you still prefer to receive a check: a $25 fee.

Your payment method is defaulted as a check if you don’t change it. The $25 fee will kick in January 1, 2013.

Also note that payments are slower (but commissions are lower) if a Premium Listing sells through Go Daddy auctions instead of the registration path at GoDaddy.com.


  1. says

    In addition to slow payments and higher commission fees, I’m unable to see traffic statisticts with a Premium listing. At least with the lower tier listings you can get an idea of what kind of interest the name might have and adjust your price accordingly.

  2. says

    Wow .. are we in April already? Is this April Fools’ Day?

    This is defiantly, the greatest news I heard this whole year (I know, the year is almost over).

    I noticed that currently will be a little hard and almost impossible to edit all your listings but I guess I’ll find a way.

    Thanks for bringing this great news to us.

  3. says

    @Paul There is no “select all” in the Domain Manager and also even if I select “Select Current Page” and clicked “Edit” it requires to enter a price and since all my domains are not priced the same it will not be a good solution.

    PS: You are talking about “Premium Listings” from “Buy & Sell” menu in Domain Manager. right?

  4. Ron says

    I tried that select all with existing listings, it errored out, as a conflict with all domains listed. Needs a programmers tweak.

    Also Paul instead of selecting a select all on one page, can you change it to select all domains, some of us have hundreds listed.

  5. says

    @Paul – You didn’t answer my question. How will I be able to update the payment method for 1,500+ domains in bulk? There is no way to do that in the current system.

  6. says

    It’s wonderful that they are allowing payment methods other than checks, but absurd that there is no mass update option. I too have thousands of Premium domains listed – all with different prices. If I don’t manually update, they will hit me with a $25 fee? Makes no sense.

  7. says

    Best work around I can find for those of us with a lot of domains, is to search by price bucket – and update them in batches by price. Still annoying, but at least you can do small batches, rather than one by one.

  8. says

    Hi all, we updated the domain manager last night to allow bulk updates (hover over the checkbox and select all) that WILL NOT affect the price unless you specifically put a new price in there.

    So, select all -> edit -> add a payee, check the auto-renew box, check the agreements -> submit.

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