Coming soon: trademark applications tip off new products

Ready to Go Mobile? What about using domainIQ?

Before even launching a product, many companies will file “intent to use” trademark applications to protect their new brands and slogans.

A couple domain related companies have filed such applications recently, which may indicate new products they’re working on.

First up is Go Daddy, which submitted an application for “Go Mobile”.

It’s a fairly broad application covering domain registration, auctions, hosting, and web site creation. This seems like a fairly broad term to trademark. I’ll be interested to see how it turns out.

Second, Luc Lezon, who runs Estibot, has filed an application through a company called domainIQ Corp. for “domainIQ”. The goods and services mentioned in the application are “Providing non-downloadable software tools for domain name and website research, provision of domain name and website data, domain name and website data analytics.”

Just because a company files an intent-to-use application doesn’t mean they’ll follow through.

Consider Brand Enforcement Services in Hong Kong, which previously filed one such application for “RealRegistrant”. It was for ” Application service provider (ASP) featuring software for use in research in the field of internet domain name registrants, in particular for finding the registrants when their identity is blocked by privacy or proxy service; providing an on-line computer database in the field of available internet domain names…”

But the trademark application was recently abandoned. This is the same company that applied for, but nothing has been launched at that web address since then.

Other times an intent-to-use application is a great tip off of what companies are working on. NameMedia filed for “NameFind” in January this year and subsequently launched in September.

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