As Obama wins, domains already snapped up for 2016 battle

Key 2016 domain names not in politicans’ control.

With Barrack Obama’s victory last night, we’re assured that a new president will enter the White House in 2016.

Naturally, this year’s vice presidential candidates are likely to at least flirt with a run.

It’s four years a way, but the candidates are already behind on one important marketing tool — their domain names.

Because Joe Biden has been vice president already, the possibility of a 2016 run was known four years ago.

That’s when a Charlotte, North Carolina man registered But he let it expire and a new registrant picked it up in 2011. The current whois record is protected by whois privacy.

The domain forwards to a page, but that doesn’t say anything about who the domain owner is. is registered to Jeffrey Berns with law firm Berns Weiss. This domain also appears to have expired at least once since it was originally registered in 2008.

Speculation of a possible Paul Ryan run didn’t just start this year. was registered in 2010. The owner of this domain also let it expire and a new registrant picked it up this summer. was originally registered by the same Illinois man who registered It also expired and is now controlled by HostGator.

Of course, the best domains are ones without dates. is registered to Citizens for Biden and is registered to a guy in Ireland who’s name is Paul Ryan. (I guess that’s the downside of having a common name.)


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