Lawyers snap up Hurricane Sandy domains

Domain names could be used to get clients upset over insurance settlements.

[Update: Monday seemed to be the big day for registrations. I count over 300 domains including “Sandy” registered then.] As Hurricane Sandy heads toward the northeastern united states, people are heading to their domain registrar to register related domain names.

While some of those people are just hoping to make a quick buck by selling the domains, others are probably planning to develop them to drum up business.

Of the 19 domain names registered on Saturday I found with the term “Sandy” in them, about half of them were registered by two law firms.

Florida law firm Katzman Garfinkel & Berger registered and, plus their .net equivalents.

Texas law firm The Voss Law Firm, PC registered,,, and a few others.

None of these newly registered domains appear to have live web sites yet.

The number of registrations involving the term “Sandy” are sure to spike over the next couple days.


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    That’s a good one Matt. Probably will catch someones trained eye. I Have 2 offers on the one I have, but am thinking of donating it to the relief effort. Good name to use for the affected state’s to use collectively & to help maybe?

    We’ll see. It’s not always about money for me.

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