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    1. BY - Oct 24, 2012
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    40 end user domain sales from the past week.

    It was a busy week for end user domain sales: A university bought the name for its new mascot, a rehab center spent $30k on a category defining domain name, and a company bought a three letter .com as an acronym that likely cost less than it would have paid to get its longer name.


    Recruitment company Bernard Hodes Group bought for $1,477. It doesn’t own the .com version.

    International Pharmaceutical Aerosol Consortium on Regulation and Science (IPAC-RS) paid $1,777 for, a chemistry term.

    Custom Facilities, which designs and builds auto dealership facilities, bought for $3,395. It’s web site is

    Timeshare closings company Resort Closings, Inc. bought for $1,000.

    Drug and alcohol rehab center RightStep bought for $30,000. That’s quite a domain.

    Pacific Pillows, which sells hotel pillows and bedding, paid $10,000 for

    Construction software company Maxwell Systems, Inc bought its singular name for $1,395. It owns the plural already.

    SEO company Natural Search SEO bought for $1,750.

    Universe Projects Solutions Ltd, maker of physical store fronts including security shutters, bought for $1,000.

    Public records company Confi-Chek bought for a whopping $10,800. It already owns the .com version.

    Student loan company Sallie Mae bought for $3,769.

    Non-profit Chicago Human Rhythm Project bought for $1,277.

    American Floor Mats sells car mats, workplace mats, entryway mats, etc. It bought for $1,177.

    Source Interlink Media, LLC, a network of automotive web sites, bought for $6,000.

    Cambridge Public Libraries and Galleries picked up for $1,688. owns IdeaExchange.COM.

    Tradeshow display company Display Products, Inc. bought for $1,477.

    Island Institute, a community development organization focused on fifteen year-round island communities off the Maine coast, bought for $2,588.

    Travel company Orient-Express bought for $2,300. Also see its purchase through Sedo below.

    The owner of bought for $1,200.

    Installment loan company Security Finance Corp of Spartanburg bought for $3,688.

    Telecom company Worldvox Corp picked up for $4,388.

    Workplace safety supplies company North American Safety bought for $1,888. Its web site is

    Fawaz Refrigeration and AC in Kuwait bought for $2,388.

    Arizona home health care company Sunrise Health bought (clever) for $1,699 and for $2,000.

    UK marketing company The Marketing Centre bought for $1,788. It owns

    Contact lens site bought for $1,501.

    Architectural specifications company Kalin Associates bought for $2,988.

    Norwia went global, going from to for $1,530.

    Salesperson recruiting firm Aspire Careers bought for $1,588.


    ARTDECO cosmetic GmbH, registrant of, picked up for 3,500 EUR.

    Unified Webhosting, LLC upgraded from to for $850.

    World Gold Council bought for $1,500 EUR. (By the way, it owns

    This is an interesting one. Quality Building Services Corp. already owns It bought for $1,870. I suspect people misheard its web address as ‘p’ instead of ‘b’, so it’s protecting itself here.

    Zeno Technology Solutions bought for $15,000. Congrats to this company on getting this three letter domain. Given that Marvell Semiconductor owns, I bet was cheaper than buying!

    Planview, a company literally located two buildings north of me in Austin, bought for $1,000.

    Auburn University at Montgomery recently changed its mascot from Senators to Warkhawks. It just bought the great domain for $1,695.

    Orient Express bought for 990 EUR.

    Oakland Convention and Visitors Bureau bought for $2,995. It already owns but Michael Berkens owns I suspect they went for because it was cheaper.

    Pingdom web site monitoring service bought for $1,000. Although it owns the .com version, I would think a network/uptime company would want its equivalent .net.

    UK bed retailer Beds by Bedtime bought for $1,277.


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