40 end user domain sales

40 end user domain sales from the past week.

It was a busy week for end user domain sales: A university bought the name for its new mascot, a rehab center spent $30k on a category defining domain name, and a company bought a three letter .com as an acronym that likely cost less than it would have paid to get its longer name.


Recruitment company Bernard Hodes Group bought BaptistHealthJobs.net for $1,477. It doesn’t own the .com version.

International Pharmaceutical Aerosol Consortium on Regulation and Science (IPAC-RS) paid $1,777 for Allotrope.org, a chemistry term.

Custom Facilities, which designs and builds auto dealership facilities, bought AutoBuilders.com for $3,395. It’s web site is CFIDM.com.

Timeshare closings company Resort Closings, Inc. bought TimeShareSpecialists.com for $1,000.

Drug and alcohol rehab center RightStep bought Sobriety.com for $30,000. That’s quite a domain.

Pacific Pillows, which sells hotel pillows and bedding, paid $10,000 for HotelBedding.com.

Construction software company Maxwell Systems, Inc bought its singular name MaxwellSystem.com for $1,395. It owns the plural MaxwellSystems.com already.

SEO company Natural Search SEO bought SEOPro.net for $1,750.

Universe Projects Solutions Ltd, maker of physical store fronts including security shutters, bought Roller-Shutters.com for $1,000.

Public records company Confi-Chek bought PeopleFinders.net for a whopping $10,800. It already owns the .com version.

Student loan company Sallie Mae bought StudentOutreach.com for $3,769.

Non-profit Chicago Human Rhythm Project bought ARCChicago.com for $1,277.

American Floor Mats sells car mats, workplace mats, entryway mats, etc. It bought SportsRugs.com for $1,177.

Source Interlink Media, LLC, a network of automotive web sites, bought HotRodClub.com for $6,000.

Cambridge Public Libraries and Galleries picked up IdeaExchange.org for $1,688. Salesforce.com owns IdeaExchange.COM.

Tradeshow display company Display Products, Inc. bought FabricExhibits.com for $1,477.

Island Institute, a community development organization focused on fifteen year-round island communities off the Maine coast, bought IslandJournal.com for $2,588.

Travel company Orient-Express bought SignatureBoutique.com for $2,300. Also see its purchase through Sedo below.

The owner of PurePayroll.net bought PurePayroll.com for $1,200.

Installment loan company Security Finance Corp of Spartanburg bought SecurityFinance.net for $3,688.

Telecom company Worldvox Corp picked up InternationalCalls.net for $4,388.

Workplace safety supplies company North American Safety bought NorthAmericanSafety.com for $1,888. Its web site is OrderSafety.com.

Fawaz Refrigeration and AC in Kuwait bought Fawaz.net for $2,388.

Arizona home health care company Sunrise Health bought Assist.us (clever) for $1,699 and HomeCareFranchise.com for $2,000.

UK marketing company The Marketing Centre bought TheMarketingCentre.com for $1,788. It owns TMCentre.co.uk.

Contact lens site ACLens.com bought FramesOnly.com for $1,501.

Architectural specifications company Kalin Associates bought BuildingSpec.com for $2,988.

Norwia went global, going from Norwia.no to Norwia.com for $1,530.

Salesperson recruiting firm Aspire Careers bought SalesEmployment.org for $1,588.


ARTDECO cosmetic GmbH, registrant of ArtDeco.de, picked up ArtDeco.co.uk for 3,500 EUR.

Unified Webhosting, LLC upgraded from UnifiedWeb.net to UnifiedWeb.com for $850.

World Gold Council bought GoldEdit.com for $1,500 EUR. (By the way, it owns Gold.org.)

This is an interesting one. Quality Building Services Corp. already owns QBS.co. It bought QPS.co for $1,870. I suspect people misheard its web address as ‘p’ instead of ‘b’, so it’s protecting itself here.

Zeno Technology Solutions bought ZTS.com for $15,000. Congrats to this company on getting this three letter domain. Given that Marvell Semiconductor owns Zeno.com, I bet ZTS.com was cheaper than buying Zeno.com!

Planview, a company literally located two buildings north of me in Austin, bought PipelineConference.com for $1,000.

Auburn University at Montgomery recently changed its mascot from Senators to Warkhawks. It just bought the great domain Warhawks.com for $1,695.

Orient Express bought Orient-Express.co.in for 990 EUR.

Oakland Convention and Visitors Bureau bought TravelOakland.com for $2,995. It already owns VisitOakland.org but Michael Berkens owns VisitOakland.com. I suspect they went for TravelOakland.com because it was cheaper.

Pingdom web site monitoring service bought Pingdom.net for $1,000. Although it owns the .com version, I would think a network/uptime company would want its equivalent .net.

UK bed retailer Beds by Bedtime bought BedsDirect.net for $1,277.


  1. au says

    “Tradeshow display company Display Products, Inc. bought FrabricExhibits.com for $1,477.”

    is it “FabricExhibits.com”? spelling?

  2. says

    Dub A, are you printing end user sales now as a regular feature of DNW? We would send you ours (not in NDA), since a lot of our sales vary from $250 – $3000, we don’t submit them to Ron. If you’re going to run an “end user” sale feature, which I think is EXTREMELY helpful for domain investors so that end user buyers (and even domain investors) can see what’s being bought and for how much.

    Let me know. I’ll promote it on my blog. Cheers mate

  3. says

    @Dub A,

    AHH YES! I see the link in your navbar now. Your first domain sale posts started this month it seems, unless I missed the archive link. Didn’t get a memo on that, boss. Congrats tho, this is great.


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