Lawsuit claims Go Daddy illegally recorded phone calls

Two California men claim domain registrar recorded calls without permission.

You know the line…

“This call may be recorded for quality or training purposes”.

Well, according to two California men, their phone calls with domain name registrar Go Daddy were secretly recorded in violation of California law.

The lawsuit they just filed (pdf) seeks class action status and $5,000 per recorded phone call for all California residents who had a phone call with the company and weren’t informed the calls were being recorded.

“Plaintiffs and the Class, like all members of the public, had objectively reasonable expectations that their telephone conversations were confidential communications that would not be overheard or recorded,” the suit states.

“As a direct result of Defendants’ conduct, Plaintiffs and the Class have sustained and will continue to sustain injury and are entitled to statutory damages and injunctive relief to be determined at trial.”

What those injuries are, I’m not quite sure.

Plaintiff David Higgins said he received five phone calls from Go Daddy in 2011-2012 and plaintiff Robert Patterson received more than five phone calls between 2008-2012. The suit appears to be about calls made by Go Daddy to customers rather than inbound customer calls.

When asked for comment, Go Daddy Public Relations told me “While Go Daddy does not comment on pending litigation, we take customer privacy concerns very seriously.”

Now I know why my Go Daddy account rep cuts me off at the beginning of each call to inform me that the call may be recorded.

[Update: the lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice.]


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