Nordstrom sues flash sales site NoMoreRack

Retailer claims flash sales site is infringing its marks.

NoMoreRack.comRetailing giant Nordstrom has sued flash sales site, claiming the site’s brand and domain name infringe its trademarks (pdf).

Nordstrom owns 110 “The Rack” stores, which are essentially its outlet stores. It has trademarks for “Rack” and “The Rack”. is a flash sales site, offering limited time closeout sales. According to this article, it generated $46 million in revenue the first half of 2012.

Nordstrom says it became aware of the site earlier this year and put the company on notice of its alleged infringement.

The company alleges that named its business to take advantage of Nordstrom’s famous mark:

Nordstrom is informed and believes and on that basis alleges that defendants knew when they began to operate the NoMoreRack Site that Nordstrom had invested over four decades of time, effort and money into developing in the Rack Marks a reputation for excellent customer service and quality discount merchandise. NoMoreRack’s business did not have a brand identity that could possibly attract such high levels of customer goodwill and name association. Thus, rather than develop goodwill in independently created trademarks, NoMoreRack simply misappropriated The Rack’s hard-won reputation.

Nordstrom is suing for trademark infringement, trademark dilution, and violation of the anticybersquatting consumer protection act. Among its demands is that the defendant’s and domain names be transferred to Nordstrom.


  1. Wayne says

    It is my opinion that this name does not rise to the level of “confusingly similar,” which is one of the three criteria evaluated for a successful complainant UDRP action.
    While it uses the actual TM’d name “Rack,” the qualifying term “NoMore” differentiates the name. Although, “NotThe” would have been more definitive.
    It will be interesting to see how this one plays out. Thanks!

  2. Bob says

    Nordstrom has built the “Rack” brand to be synonymous with off price. This name is an obvious play trying to leverage off that brand value. Why else do you think they named it “NoMoreRACK”?
    NoMoreR should aggressively and immediately change its name before Nordstrom and its legal team own them.

  3. John Berryhill says

    “Nordstrom has built the “Rack” brand to be synonymous with off price.”

    That’s complete nonsense, Bob. “Off the rack” is a common reference to non-tailored clothing, and its use in the clothing industry has spilled over to “rack rates” in the hotel industry in reference to default pricing.

  4. Sam says

    I feel Nordstrom has a good case. I immediately thought of Nordstrom Rack when I discovered this site. Just recently informed that they have no affiliations with Nordstrom! Because of the name I was interested in shopping from them just because it simply made me think of Nordstrom Rack and their exceptional customer service and retail prices for brand name products and attire.

    Its obvious to see what NoMoreRack’s intentions are. Nice try nonetheless.

  5. Ms. TJ says

    Dumbest suit yet! Nordstrom is just being greedy. How do they own the word Rack?? You mean I couldn’t use the word rack at all. That’s stupid and it’s a way for a large business to squeeze out a smaller one. I never once thought of Nordstroms when shopping at NoMoreRack. Greedy corporation tactics!

  6. Teshaun says

    Those people from Nordstrom are all dumb and money whores. They just wanted their name to be part of the “viral” issues and talk of the town kinda thing. Nomorerack should sue them back!

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