SnapNames October no reserve auction ends tomorrow, .ca auction kicks off today

Two auctions worth a look.

SnapNames has an “October Deals” auction that ends tomorrow, and I think it’s worth a look.

There are 61 domains and it appears none of them have a reserve — just a minimum bid of $199 or more.

Many of the domains are ones that you might see sell for $1,000-$3,000 to the right end user, such as,,, and

So far 12 of the 61 domains have bids. leads the pack with 8 bidders, but the domain is still only $375 at the time of writing. also has multiple bidders and currently sits at $211.

It’s definitely a good auction to review if you like to invest in lower priced domains.

SnapNames also has a .ca auction that kicks off today.

The .ca auction has reserve prices ranging from no reserve to $250,000. Top domains include,, and

Just make sure you’re eligible to own .ca domains before you bid.

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