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  • 29 end user domain sales

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    29 end user domain sales, including three prompted by a marketing campaign.

    With TRAFFIC and traveling last week, I’m a few days late with the weekly end user sales report. But you’ll forgive me with this great list!


    Let’s start the Afternic list with three companies that went “down ladder”. By this I mean they own a superior TLD (.com in this case) but bought a secondary TLD (.net). I have a pretty good theory about how these deals came about:

    Jones Public Affairs already owns and bought for $6,000.

    Superb Foods, Inc., owner of Original Oyster House and the equivalent .com domain, bought for $1,477.

    Finally, LabWare, Inc., bought for $1,617 to go with its domain name.

    Did these three companies just one day all happen to think of buying the .net? I suspect this has to do with a direct marketing campaign by Afternic partner Network Solutions. Network Solutions is sending emails to its customers offering domain names matching their second level but in a different top level domain. Since all three of the above companies have their .com registered at NetSol, I think it’s a good bet that the email pitch led them to these purchases.

    I think this is a brilliant marketing approach, but I have to say I get these emails from Network Solutions way too often.

    Ultima Aliments, seller of Yoplait (at least in Canada as far as I can tell) bought for $1,988.

    Make it Right, which appears to have a contractor/construction reality show in Canada, bought for $3,860. A new show?

    New Zealand car parts company Scarles went global; it owns and just bought for $1,600.

    Concorde Auto Centre owns, but that must be difficult for customers from countries that use non-British English. It bought for $1,700.

    NPower, a charitable organization in Pennsylvania that provides technology services and support to other charitable organizations, bought for $2,500.

    “As built drawings consultant” Brian Curran bought for $1,300.

    A company called Pool Cover Specialists already owns the great domain It just bought for $1,588.

    RBC Ministries paid $1,488 for

    Software company UniBlue Systems Ltd bought for $1,788, which is likely for password software.

    “Art management” company Artage Ltd bought for $3,588.

    iSpan, maker of TotalJoist (and owner of bought for $2,588.

    Pressflex, which provides webmaster services to newspapers, magazines and major blogs, bought for $1,688. A “pull quote” is s quote or text from an article that is called out in a larger format.

    An outfit called Bottlecap Productions bought for $1,995.

    Goodwill of Middle Georgia bought for $1,288.

    Marketing company Prophet already owns It just bought for $1,609.

    A Seattle area interior design company, Tewes Design, paid $1,288 for A smart buy.

    Gospel Music Channel bought for $2,395.


    Let’s start with one where I don’t know who the buyer is but they already have an active web site: at $30,000. The domain was sold by Garry Chernoff. The buyer is using whois privacy but has already put up a simple store selling backsplashes.

    pair Networks bought for 1,800 EUR

    LH Philips & Co accountants paid GBP 1,295 for It has been using as its web site.

    Tech publication Information Week bought for $1,000.

    Private Jet Hire Ltd. of London bought for $755.

    The owner of dropped the hyphen for $850.

    Last week, creator of database software to organize collections, bought for 2,000 EUR. Now it is the proud owner of at a cost of 5,000 EUR.

    Law firm Erwin Legal bought for $799.

    A company called Mobile Recharge promises to help you “recharge any mobile phone”. It hasn’t launched yet, but just bought for 10,000 EUR. . I believe this refers to recharging a pre-paid phone, as the company also owns


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