Could Twitter identify the best domain registrars?

The sentiment of your tweets may suggest which domain name registrars are best.

Review SignalA few weeks ago TechCrunch wrote about Kevin Ohashi’s new web hosting review site

(If Ohashi’s name rings a bell, Ohashi is a Domain Name Wire reader and you may have seen some of his comments on the site before.)

TechCrunch titled its post “Web Hosting Reviews Are A Cesspool. Review Signal Wants To Fix That”.

If you’ve ever searched for web hosting reviews then you will likely agree with the title. They’re a joke, mostly made of biased affiliate sites that get paid when you sign up for a hosting plan.

To solve that, uses sentiment analysis from tweets to determine which web hosts are best.

Since Ohashi has a background in domain names — and web hosting and domains go together — does that mean the site will eventually rate domain registrars as well?

Ohashi says he may expand from just web hosting reviews to domain names as well. But it will be a monumental task. Ohashi told me he went through between 10k-20k tweets manually to train machine learning systems and understand the data as a human before he was able to release the hosting reviews. Sentiment analysis on hosting won’t be exactly the same as domains, and it will take a lot of work to prepare.

I hope Ohashi goes through the effort, as I think the results would be very interesting.


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    Thanks Andrew! Domain Registrars are definitely the next industry I plan to cover. I wish I could give you a release date but I can’t yet. It will launch when I have enough data and the systems are accurately trained. I think the results should be very interesting too. I actually have very little idea about how the rankings will actually look at this point. For hosting, there weren’t too many surprises. For registrars, any predictions? Maybe I should make it a competition to guess :)

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