Tucows’ Bill Sweetman “uses the force” to return DarthVader.com to LucasFilm

Sweetman facilitates LucasFilm getting DarthVader.com domain name.

Last month Fusible noticed that LucasFilm was the new owner of DarthVader.com.

This morning the story of how that came to be has been released.

Tucows vice president Bill Sweetman rescued the domain after it expired and gave it to LucasFilm.

I normally don’t reprint press releases, but the humor in this joint release by Tucows and LucasFilm will give you a good chuckle this morning. Here’s the notable excerpt:

“Star Wars had a profound impact on me as a child,” said Tucows Domain Portfolio Vice President Bill Sweetman, wearing a long brown robe and cheerfully tapping the Darth Vader bobblehead on his desk. “The moment I spotted DarthVader.com in a list of deleting domain names, I knew Tucows had to find a way to get this iconic domain name into the right hands. I knew I was its only hope,” Sweetman added.

Tucows quickly donated the DarthVader.com domain name to Lucasfilm. In exchange, Lucasfilm agreed to make a donation to the Tucows Elves Project. This annual charitable effort is organized by Tucows staff and provides toys to the children of lower-income families in the Parkdale neighborhood adjacent to the Tucows Toronto office.

“We’re thrilled to be the new owners of DarthVader.com,” said Miles Perkins, Spokesperson for Lucasfilm, “and we are even more excited about supporting such a worthy cause. We regret having to refuse Bill’s request that we deliver the children’s toys in the Millennium Falcon. It was heartbreaking having to explain to him that it’s not real.”


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