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  • Directi to relaunch .pw as “professional web”

    1. BY - Oct 08, 2012
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    Country code domain name .pw to be relaunched as generic domain.

    dot.pwDirecti (see disclosure) today announced plans to rebrand and relaunch the country code domain name .pw to stand for “professional web”.

    .Pw is the country code for the island country of Palau.

    Kevin Murphy has some of the backstory including an interview with Directi co-founder Bhavin Turakhia.

    The domain will be released similar to a traditional top level domain, including a sunrise period for trademark holders.

    .Pw is the latest country code domain name to undergo a transformation into a “generic” domain. .Tv (Tuvalu), .co (Colombia), and .me (Montenegro) have all become successful registry businesses.

    Of course, branding .pw as “professional web” takes a bit more explanation than these other examples, which means the business model and marketing will be different. One key difference: domains will likely be priced at a wholesale level below that of .com.

    (Disclosure: I work with advertising companies affiliated with Directi, including


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