Facebook registers domain names related to video commemorating 1 billion active user mark.

Yesterday Facebook celebrated reaching one billion active monthly users by launching a brand campaign. The first part of the campaign is a video about “things that connect us”.

The key prop in the video is chairs. Not a chair as in an empty chair, but how chairs apparently connect us. Other examples in the video are doorbells, airplanes, and bridges.

The day before it introduced its video it smartly registered the domain names FacebookIsLikeaChair.com / .net /.org. It must just be a defensive move since none of the domain names resolve or forward to the video.

Facebook did not, however, register domain names for the secondary examples in its video such as FacebookIsLikeaDoorbell.com.


  1. says

    Interesting. I know they don’t like anyone using the facebook name anywhere inside someone elses doamin name, even if it goes directly to a Facebook site. I own a real good one, and was asked nicely by “Molly” in legal to stop using it due to copywrite. So I have, but it’s all good. I can understand wanting to protect the brand. Just wish I could resell it! lol.

  2. John Berryhill says

    I was trying to figure out how chairs connect us, because it’s not my face which connects me to a chair, although that’s not unusual in my profession.

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