Company sues to get domain name

Marketing company claims domain infringes its re:invention mark.

An Illinois marketing company called Reinvention, Inc. has sued data sampling company Reinvention, LLC, which owns the domain name.

The brief, five page complaint (pdf) claims that Reinvention, LLC is infringing on Reinvention, Inc’s trademark for “re:invention”.

Reinvention, Inc. filed for its trademark last year and it was granted this year. It claims first use in commerce in 2003. [Update: The owner of the company had a trademark granted in 2005 for the same mark; it was later canceled because registrant did not file an acceptable declaration under Section 8.]

The company is demanding damages for trademark infringement and that the data sampling company hand over the domain name. was sold last year through Sedo for $4,700. It has a somewhat colorful history, once being owned by Ultimate Search. In 2008 the whois record showed “MCEH confiscated names”.

The plaintiff owns the inferior domain name.

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