Wall Street Journal names new TLD company Donuts to Top 50 Startups

WSJ ranks Donuts #14 on list of top startups.

The Wall Street Journal just released its rankings of the top 50 venture-capital-backed companies, and new top level domain name company Donuts made the cut.

It actually did better than just make the cut, landing at #14 on the list. It’s also the youngest company on the list.

The company has just eight employees but has raised $100 million. It’s the biggest top level domain applicant by far, throwing its hat (and money) in the ring for 307 top level domain names.

The rankings are based on a number of factors, including previous success of the founders and investors on the board, capital raised, and growth in value.


  1. bubbles says

    At 25mm loss, strategy re-think will ensue. At 50mm figure head is fired, at 75mm loss they go public with great potential, at insolvency founders move to another 100mm investment…

    Got to love the VC game.

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