domain name goes up for sale

Whether it’s for the baseball team for tourism, is now available for purchsae.

Major League Baseball may yet be able to get its hands on the domain name.

Domain Name Wire has confirmed that the owner of the site is trying to sell it.

The sales process is being managed by an outfit called Venture Capital Group Ltd, which tells Domain Name Wire that the domain name will officially be put up for sale later this week.

Venture Capital Group’s web site (which appears to be new given the July domain registration date) says:

Today’s emerging tourism and travel associations and business need powerful partners who have the ability to raise capital to help business with solid business plans advance. Venture Capital Group brings a wealth of experience to those looking to prosper.

Indeed, has been a site about the Rocky Mountains for many years. It is being offered for sale along with a number of Canadian domain names and web assets.

Major League Baseball owns all but five of its team names as .com domain names. One of those that’s obviously missing: for the Colorado Rockies.

Its most recent purchases have been and It picked up for $200,000 in 2010. I suspect MLB would buy a domain name like for between $200,000 and $400,000.


  1. Ron says

    Guessing their number is $500k lol, they would have stepped up and made a deal already had the price been right, geo local increasing value past what mlb might want to pay…

    • says

      @ Adam – I think so, if the price is right. I think MLB would be willing to pay more than any other end user, so we’ll see.

      But as someone pointed out…I’m sure MLB has had discussions with them before.

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