Sedo changes domain listing process and adds “Big Data Pricer”

New process includes “Big Data Pricer”.

sedo listingSedo has updated the process of listing domain names for sale with the service.

There’s a pretty slick wizard that walks you through the process.

The new process includes the company’s “Big Data Pricer”, which provides price suggestions for your domain names based on the same methodology used for theIDNX. You can choose to accept the price as a listing price if you want. The suggested prices calculate fairly quickly.

The system also suggests categories, although when I tried adding domains it got stuck on “waiting” for the category suggestions.

The new system also allows you to activate SedoMLS Premium for a domain while you go through the process.


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    Hi Andrew,

    We’re glad you like the new listing process, and the Big Data Pricer. We’ve also resolved the issue with categorization when you add new names!

    Daniel @ Sedo

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